When it comes to food, there is something quite clear: the better the ingredients, the better the dish turns up. This might include having to spend a little more money on some ingredients, but it will be worth it, trust me!

Regarding warm sauces, whenever I make one that doesn´t turn up as thick as desired, I dilute a tbspoon of plain flour in half a glass of cold water, add it to the sauce, cook at slow heat for 7-8 more minutes and you´ll see how it starts going thicker. It´s important, though, to cook the added flour for a few minutes or its taste will remain.

When making tomato sauce, I always recommend peeling them: nothing worse than finding tomato skins all over the sauce! Besides, it only takes 3-4 mins to do and it´s super easy.

We are not the biggest fans of spices here in Spain, we do use them, but in moderation. Now, saffron is one of them that we do love, especially in Paellas. Luckily, nowadays, it isn´t so expensive anymore, so don´t use a substitute, go for it and buy the real deal!

In Spain, it’s normal to serve every meal with bread, so if you want to turn your dinning room table into a little Spanish display, do not forget to buy some!