Hi everyone!

I’m Marta and this is my brand new and first website about cooking.

The main reason that moved me to come up with it was that, after having studied "Hospitality and Catering" in the UK, worked as a chef for many years  (from sous chef, to head chef's assistant and eventually as head chef ) and travelled around the world  enjoying many different kinds of gastronomy, I've realised many people opt for a more Mediterranean diet, taking many of the traditional Spanish dishes and changing them or making them up, which makes cooking Spanish food more difficult and frustrating, as some of these dishes end up losing their authenticity, flavours or textures.

Spanish food is, in it's majority, super easy to cook, and I am going to prove it to you!

On this web you will be able to enjoy the most typical and known Spanish dishes, based on ingredients you can find in every supermarket or convenient shop, put in a few very simple steps and rounded with some tips that will help you preparing, cooking or serving it more easily.

Also, you will learn some little tricks and facts about some dishes!

I will be updating the web, adding new easy recipes and pictures, and replying to your comments or questions on a regular basis.

I hope you get to discover how easy and tasty cooking Mediterranean Spanish food can be.

¡Buen provecho!



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